Your kind one-time donation or monthly donor subscription will be used to fund the following initial 1st year expenses:

  • Purchase our own secure servers to protection of the survivor’s data, software & hardware design, testing, $30,000;
  • Purchase the first parcel of land, 5+ acres, with valid perc, $20,000;
  • Education Program Developer contract hire, $65,000;
  • Land Developer, Site & Tiny House Engineer contract hire, $95,000;
  • Travel for all Programs, 1st year, $15,000.

Total Budget Year 1 (FY20): $250,000

You can help KICK START THIS AMAZING ORGANIZATION in any of the following ways:

Corporate Giving | Public Donations | Federal Grants | State Grants for any of the following initiatives:

  • DV/VAW Transitional Housing
  • Eco-Housing Construction
  • Community Services Grants for Youth Development
  • Edu Program Grants for Technology and Cross-System Collaboration
  • Workforce Reentry Education Sponsorships
  • Child Safety Programs
  • Bringing Massive Global & Nationwide DV/VAW/Teen Dating Awareness and Education via Speaking Engagements And Technology
  • Open your Amazon Alexa skill console and download the real estate 1 stop shop skill
  • Ask your employer to offer equitable donations and pro-bono services
  • Ask your local PTO and Superintendents to hire our organization for an assembly program
  • Sponsor a Fundraising Event at your favorite establishment

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