Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women and children survivors of sex trafficking, teen dating violence, stalking, and all DV/VAW survivors and their families with a safe, secure way to access National Resources for transitional housing, financial support, effectuating justice, and provide essential services at local levels.

We are planning to sustain with self-funded initiatives & revenues through a combination of generous philanthropist commitments to include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The acquisition opportunity of a separate entity made contingent upon 10% gross profits of non-real estate related local sales (i.e., tourism, etc.) to be donated to Communities We Love On, Inc.;
  2. Real Estate 1 Stop Shop Alexa Skill users in-skill donations;
  3. Real Estate 1 Stop Shop revenue share 10% to 25% to include NAR Members;
  4. Public use Tiny House lot rents; and,
  5. Middle & High School Assembly Program fees, fundraising, and Summer Camp programs.

We are building the technology portion of the program using proprietary technology. The AI program is being programmed by the Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc., IT Team.

The founder/CEO is the architect for the AWS VUI skill, the pioneer inventor and patent owner of VSO within the VUI industry, a surviving adult of overt abuse, narcissistic abuse, and family cycles of codependency, and is a CORE Comp Certified Advocate against DV/VAW.

We have begun the process of identifying rural areas for the development of “micro PUD’s” whereby, we will develop gated communities of solar adaptable Tiny Houses. Each Micro-PUD will be equipped with a community center employed with counselors, training for workforce re-entry and entrepreneurial SBA programs, holistic healing & coaching programs, youth peer group activities, and nationwide athletic programs and services.

Educational Assemblies are currently being created to deploy a bilingual mobile app designed to interact with teens to spread awareness and education for anonymous reporting of suspected DV/VAW, teen dating violence, child abuse/violence in a home, mental and/or emotional abuse, financial abuse, and substance abuse.

Additionally, following Walmart’s footsteps, we will offer Grants & Scholarships for College Tuition, SAT Prep Courses, and offer Writing Workshops for DV/VAW surviving students.

Peer Leadership Groups will be established to develop, explore, and share the creative gifts of students in your community — all through which, mandatory HS community service hours can be earned and recorded.

Communities We Love On, Incorporated has received the official IRS 501(c)3 determination in July 2019.

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